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Highlights of my  Costume Design Career

Hi, I am Shawnelle Cherry, the founder and main teacher at Future Fashion Designers.

I started the school after "accidently" moving to Mooresville, NC when the recession of 2009 slowed the film industry and I had a chance to discover new places :)  

My career before F.F.D.  was in the film industry as a costume designer specializing in comedy's. 

I lived in Los Angeles so finding jobs in the entertainment arena was easy.  To date, I have designed over 30 films and became a proud member of the Costume Designers Guild Local 892 in 2003. 

I started my costume design career in 1997 with my first feature "Duty Dating".   Before that I had a my own design studio in Pacific Palisades where I designed evening gowns for the Hollywood crowd.  I specialized in one-of-a-kind gowns for the Oscars, Emmy's, Golden Globes, Daytime Emmy's and the individual Guild Awards.  I also had a number of Daytime Soap Opera stars that I loved to work with.  I also made many wedding dresses, I was pretty bad at taking photos but it must be around 100 custom clients. 

My plan was to stay in North Carolina and run my new school until the film industry picked up again but I never did go back to LA permanently.  I was bi-coastal for quite awhile and then decided that the quality of life was far more enticing and that I loved it here.  So here I am, 12 years later :)  9 years at one location and then moving to a smaller location so I could concentrate on other projects.  I have had a ton of fun with my school and all my little designers, from the annual Mac and Cheese cook offs and the Cheezy fashion shows to Project Sew Way - kits with all the bits to keep kids sewing.  To my You Tube Channel-"Sew Shawnelle",  Online classes and now my new "Sew On the Road" show I am developing and the new FFD membership "Thread Bosses" that is currently in the works and due to launch on May 9th.  My favorite day of the year, the day I started my first film :)

I love helping others with their dreams of fashion design and sewing.

I am willing to help those who know what it takes to succeed in anything  

and know what the true meaning of luck is..... it is when opportunity meets preparation.

On a panel at Comic Con in San Diego with my fellow designers from the CDG,  

 photos from the pages of my portfolio

If you would like to see a list of all my films follow this link.

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