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Sewing Tool Belt

keep your tools

close by! 

Learning to Sew?  

You're gonna need a tool belt!

Sew your own tool belt. 

Easy and very useful :)

Great for a first project


makes a treasured gift for your favorite sew-er!



Sewing Tool Belt

A great beginner project!

Keep your most important tools at your finger tips! 

Make this apron in about 30 minutes and sew like a pro!  

This is a great project for the beginner and a great project to make if you want to give a special gift to someone who sews or creates art.  

What’s the most important thing to have on hand when you’re embarking on a new sewing adventure? Beautiful fabrics? Definitely! A sewing machine? Of course!

But there’s one other absolute must-have you need when you a start a new project: Me :)  I’m the official Future Fashion Designers toolbelt, a half apron to tie around your waist so you can keep your sewing tools close by.

I’m great for holding a seam ripper, measurement tools, clippers, marking tools and maybe even a few pieces of candy for those times when you’re elbow-deep in a project and need a snack!

You can even use me to hold paintbrushes or other creative tools.

Not only am I versatile and functional, I’m also adorable—and who doesn’t need some eye-candy inspiration when they’re working on beautiful designs of their own?

Get ready to sew the design of your dreams—you’ll feel prepared and more confident than ever when I’m strapped around your waist!

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