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     My daughter Isabella took classes with you a few years ago.  Isabella is 14 now.

I just wanted to tell u.  You did an amazing job teaching her how to sew.  She is constantly creating things.  She is so confident in her skills.  I just wanted to say thank you for being amazing.

She painted the patches then sewed them onto her jacket. 

Today she wants to tear apart a stuffed animal and make a back pack out of it.  Thank you for teaching her so well.

Autumn L.

Dec 2021

Love this testimonial from Debbie, who attended our first ever sewing retreat!  Thank you Debbie for the kind words!


Camp Sew Social - In a Word - WOW!! This sewing retreat was top-notch in every way. The venue - an awesome modern log cabin -style home with 180-degree panoramic views of Lake Norman and killer sunrises. Rooms were spacious and nicely appointed. So much to do - so little time. Actually, just the right amount of time. Nearly 4 full days of sewing and social activities. Clearly this was not Shawnelle and Mike’s (affectionately referred to as Tim Fun) first rodeo. Think Ina Garten and Emeril Lagasse. What a fun pair. Their attention to detail in the menus and activities was spot on, from Asian Taco night, Jamaican Chicken night to Killer Shrimp night, no detail was missed. Designing our skirts was the focus of the weekend and so much more. Fashion painting night, cruising Lake Norman’s shores, Smoretinis, Margaritas, Moscow Mules…an endless array of options. This entire fashion sewing retreat was so memorable and the camaraderie was amazing. Can’t wait to see what they have in store next time. I give this retreat 2 big thumbs up – and 5 Stars.

Deborah S. 

I saw your email and had fond memories of my daughter attending some of your camps.

Alexis attended Washington U in St Louis and earned degrees in Art History and Fashion design.

She is now a designer for Summersalt swimwear (

Today she and her team members are visiting one of their factories in Sri Lanka.

Thanks for helping her on her journey!

Kimberly G

My daughter has learned all about sewing and has made so many things in class. She started with summer camps at the age of 9 and has gone on to make dresses, tops and even a raincoat. Shawnelle takes the students from the very beginning and guides them to learn new steps until it all makes sense! She not only is an awesome instructor, but also so much fun! My daughter loves her!

Karin B, Mooresville NC

The sewing classes at the Future Fashion Designers studio in Mooresville are awesome! My daughter started in the beginner sewing classes several years ago and has advanced through classes and camps. She has made so many things - skirts, a rain coat, dresses, dog clothes, even a satin bomber jacket and poodle skirt that she turned into a Halloween costume! Through the knowledge she has learned with Shawnelle's guidance and patience, I believe she can now sew almost anything!
We are blessed that Shawnelle has opened this studio! She has combined her years of industry experience, knowledge and her wonderful gift of teaching to help everyone learn to sew. Shawnelle starts at the beginning and teaches the key basics to grow then builds on that knowledge advancing through projects.
If you, a friend or family member is interested in sewing, I highly recommend classes at Future Fashion Designers!

Becky M,  Mooresville NC

I have taken several sewing classes at Future Fashion Designers and appreciated the fact that Shawnelle was able to give the personalized attention that each student needed to complete the various projects - and the class attendees ranged in age from pre-teen to adult, so no easy task! She is very knowledgeable, and very patient with beginners, helping everyone to learn (or re-learn) the basics before learning more advanced sewing techniques.

Angela R, 

Congrats Shawnelle!

I remember the first time I took a class with you... it was right when you were opening.  I managed to make a beautiful and flattering black pencil skirt with your help.  I also found out that I was pregnant with our second child right before the class ended.   That baby girl turned 6 today!  


I'm so glad that you have this store and that I (with your much needed help!) can teach my daughter how to sew.  At the very least it is a such rewarding hobby, but it can also change lives....  People who never feel good about how they look in clothes can be blessed by someone who truly knows the art of design and bring that vision to life.  The creative outlet serves to give others a purpose, a way to express themselves, to leave a mark on the world, and bring about a change.  And you have brought all that potential to our community!


Thank you, and again, Congratulations!!!



"What a blessing it is to have such a wonderful place for kids and teens to go.  My daughter has a love of fashion and sewing and a parent who can't sew!!  My daughter has been going for sewing and design classes for two years now.  She impresses me daily with her sewing abilities and talent.  I give Shawnelle all the credit for lighting the sewing torch in my daughter.  It's great to see kids learn a craft that is dwindling away.  My daughters dream is to one day be a fashion designer.  With Shawnelle's help she may obtain that dream.

Love this place!!!

Donna M.

nicole skirt.JPG
Deb skirt process.jpg
Deb skirt.jpg
tessa ironing.JPG
jacqlyn gluegunin.JPG
Taylor's Twin Skirt!_edited.png


You have inspired Abby so much we went out and got a sewing machine today and she is begging me to go get some patterns so she can get sewing.  Thanks so much for great classes and a great camp.  According to the girls YOU ROCK!! 


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