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"Sew Shawnelle"  our YouTube channel

Have you seen FFD's YouTube channel?  It's called Sew Shawnelle - fashion evolution. 

I post my videos of my upcycled projects here!  here are a few of my favorites.  

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A few months ago my friend came for a visit and we decided to finally take an afternoon and teach her to sew! 

We only had about 4 hours so it was a rush lesson. And we made a complete pair of pants in that time! She was a bit of a natural at it, so that helped! 

Now doing this with your friend is risky.

. You never know how things could go? 

We did end up laughing alot and she found the silver lining when I messed up her pants! 

Fashion Sewing Retreat 2019. Here are some things we will be doing in our fashion retreat at Camp Sew Social! Fashion is art and should be fun to wear! Fashion Challenge: to make a basic skirt and see how I can make it more unique! A one of a kind fashion art piece! During our retreat we will be focusing on being creative with fabrics and different sewing techniques. And trying new things with no fear of making mistakes! Mistakes can lead you to new ideas and fun surprises. 

We had twin dresses to up-cycle and we thought we would make it into a challenge!

I had multiples of these dresses in my recycle fashion bin for years and finally.. great ideas were flowing. It ended up being quite easy to upcycle these. See what we came up with!

I found this vintage custom made dress in my garage.  Thought I would experiment with it and give it a up-cycle.  

I cut it in half... and this is what I got!

Every year I go to the Costume Designer Guild Awards in Los Angeles during Oscar week. Its a fun event where I get to mingle with my peers and designers that I admire so much. And every year I have to find or design a gown in a town that does not have alot of fashion or fabric stores. Lucky I can sew and upcycle anything! 
Looking in my closet with only a week before I leave this is what I created!

Do you have a classic denim shirt in your closet that needs new life? Update it into a new style that you'll love wearing! Denim and lace are great team mates. Here is a great idea to try.

_Denim idea.png

Skirts in your closet you're not wearing?

Upcycle them by shortening them.

Make them comfi to wear! 

Another skirt hanging in the closet... Time to give it new life! I'll show ya what I did to make it more fun and unique. Another Fashion Evolution :)

What to do with triplets in your closet? Patch them together and make a single one! Thought I would add a little personality to this hoodie.

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