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Sew Bit's 

 Sewing Techniques to help you succeed in sewing

Quick tutorials on everything sewing!

Shawnelle from Future Fashion Designers fashion sewing school believes in everyday effort to learn new things.

Sew Bits is a weekly video lesson to learn a new technique or to understand it more.

This video is all about Understitching.

A great technique to keep facings from folding out. Resulting in a professional finish.

Sew Bit #2, what is Staystitching? Here is a short video to explain what and why. There is a good reason for it! Fabric stretches so easlily and staystitching before putting pieces together helps everything else fit together.

Sew Bit #3 is about basting. In the pattern instructions you will often see the word Baste. Ok, but some of our newer sewist do not know exactly what that means!

Here I give you a quick explanation, hope this helps!

In the pattern instructions you often see the term - clip the curves. So what does that mean exactly? It's a pretty simple step and very necessary if you want your fabric to lay right. Here is a quick explanation of what it means and why it is important.

Sew Bit's, our weekly quick lesson on trimming seams, reinforcing seams and layering the seams.

The little things you do that makes your sewing look professional.

Here is a short video to explain what stitching in the ditch means. It's a great way to keep a facing locked in place.

Sew Bits - learning about sewing techniques in little bits of time! This video covers what topstitching is. Why and how.

Sew Bits - learning about sewing techniques in little bits of time! This video covers what slip stitching is.

Why and How.

Sew Bits - learning about sewing techniques in little bits of time! This video covers what Ease stitching is. Why and how.

Learn about sewing in quick bits! This bit is all about the different types of sewing needles. They come in all types and sizes. Learn which needle is best for your project. Selecting the right needle type and size are key to a successful sewing project.

Learn all about sewing in quick bits! This video gives a quick lesson on what 9inches down means.. Its on all of the patterns under measurements, but what does it mean?

Learn all about sewing in quick bits! This video explains what NAP is. You see the *with or without nap on the back side of all pattern envelopes, but what does it mean? Here is a quick explanation of the different kinds of nap.

SewBit 13. Our weekly Sewing lesson is on innerfacing.

If you're new to sewing you probably have not used this stabilizer yet.  You find it in most of your clothes.

It's easy to use and really necessary for a professional sewing project. 

#sewinglessons #sewinginnerfacing #beginnersewing

What does 45inches and 60inches mean?

You see it on the back of a pattern envelope.

It is the most common width of fabrics.

Here is a quick video to help you understand all about fabric widths.


#fabric #sewinglessons #fabrictypes

SewBit 15 is about the basic presser feet and their uses. Your sewing machine comes with different presser feet and you can purchase others for different uses. Sometimes not a necessity but helpful. Here is a quick tutorial explaining a bit about them.


#presserfeet #sewingmachinefeet #sewingmachine

Sew Bit 16 is out, this one is all about the basic types of machine stitches. My machine is a pretty simple one with only about 25 different stitches. In all my years of sewing I have rarely use more than just a few types. So for me getting a machine with a ton of stitches has never been a goal for me. And I find as a sewing teacher, many of my students rarely sit down and take time to get to know what stitches their machine offers. So here is a good idea for you to know what your machine has for you.

All about Notches and Circles in sewing patterns. Why are they important? Think of them as the map to the puzzle pieces. They are indicators to where the pattern pieces match up when you are in the construction zone. Here is a short video to help you understand how they are used.

Fabric grainlines are one of the most important things to know when fashion sewing. Fabrics have grainlines that affect the way your garments hang and drape. Fabrics will play tricks on you so you need to know a bit about them and how they are woven! In this video I give you an explanation of the 3 lines in a woven fabric that will make your sewing projects look like they were made by a pro.

Sew Bit #19 is all about Bias Tape. What is it, how to use it and how to make it. Using bias tape is a huge help in finishing edges, making a professional facing and making our sewing projects go together so much easier! YAY Bias tape!

Sew Bits #20 is all about Pattern sizes. Did you know they are much different than the sizes you buy in the stores? Patterns have not changed their numbers but fashion sizes are changing everyday. Here is a quick explanation. Don't cut our your pattern until you see this!

How to alter a pattern to fit you. First you need to know the formula of wearing ease and design ease. In this video I explain what the two measurements are and how they help you to fit your patterns.

Pressing is a very important step for sewing project success.  I think we spend more time at the pressing station than at the sewing machine.

Seam allowances are in every project.  This is one of your first steps in sewing construction.

Loading in the bobbin has to be done correctly for machine success.  It has a direction it has to go in to work properly.  I explain it here.

Patterns come in all levels of skill.  Some are not as easy as you may think.  I explain the different levels here and what to look for.

Here are some simple instructions and ways to use the seam ripper.

Watch this to see if you need to prewash before you sew.  You don't want to put in all that work and have your new outfit shrink on you in the first wash. 

I love spending time in the sewing store. Seeing all the new items inspires me to new sewing creations!

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