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Fashion Trends for Winter 2021

What do you need in

your closet for

Winter 2020/21?

by Ramsey Fulmer, FFD's Fall 2020 Fashion Intern.

Do you have too many clothes in your closet?

Do you swap out your closet when the

seasons change?

Is your closet organized by season?

Here are some tips to help you decide what staple pieces

you need in your closet this Winter.


The Pantone “Fashion Color

Trend Report” is your guide

to colors for 2020/21. The

Autumn/Winter 2020/21

classics consist of the color

“Almond Oil: tasteful almond

oil is a smooth and subtle

off-white shade.” This color

would be great paired with

other subtle shades to create

a monochromatic look or add a

piece with a pop of color for

a statement look.

The second color is Pantone

color “Blue Depths. Blue

mystery and the unknown.”

Blue depths would pair well

with other natural tones such

as our first color “Almond

Oil”. This dark blue will add

the air of mystery to your

wardrobe while making you

sleek, stylish, and put


Thirdly, Pantone introduces

the color “Sleet.

Highlighting our desire for

longevity, Sleet is a

timeless gray that is

dependable, solid, and

everlasting.” This sleet gray

color will be a staple color

in your Winter wardrobe

pairing well with cool and

natural tones. Like the color

is defined, it will be a

dependable and solid color in

your wardrobe.

Last but not least, the

fourth and final “Classic

Autumn/Winter 2020/21” color

is “Military Olive.

Military Olive is a strong and

stalwart foundational green

tone.” This color couldn’t

have been defined better. A

foundational green tone is a

foundation for your

Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

I can’t get enough of the Military Olive/Olive green

color in my wardrobe. A staple military green jacket?

An olive-green cardigan or pants?

I’ve got them all and you should too!

Types of Fabrics and Materials.

Different fabric types and material choices in your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe will help you distinguish those staple pieces you have and need. These staple pieces will help with the overcrowding in your closet. Some but not all staple pieces are interchangeable between seasons.

These interchangeable pieces will help with overbuying clothes you don’t need during the seasons. But, shopping out of season for those staple pieces you may need, like a military green jacket or that leather skirt, can help your wallet.

Leather Staple pieces include a leather jacket or overcoat, a leather skirt, or a pair of leather pants.

A velvet top, dress, or skirt is a staple for your winter “going-out” look. Velvet can help you achieve a soft yet elegant look while providing some warmth.


A bright-colored corduroy

skirt, pants, or jacket can

be that statement piece when

paired with neutrals or

styled by layering.


Denim can tie together any

wardrobe with a variety of

washes and fits. Quality

denim pants, a jean jacket,

and a denim skirt are must haves

to complete your



Have a great winter season!

Shawnelle and Ramsey

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