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I Went To A Fashion Sewing Retreat!

Going/Went to a Sewing Retreat!

A few years ago, I was searching around on Google and came across a Sewing Retreat.. Wow, I never knew these existed, I was intrigued. A group of people sewing and hanging out together? That sounded like fun!

I zeroed in on one I had found in upstate New York, lodging at a YMCA. I loved camps when I was a kid and even wanted to be a camp counselor but with a costume designers’ career that was hard to do. And now with my school and the summer camps I teach, I cannot schedule that in. So, when I came across this, I was all in. One problem, this was a camp that sells out quickly from people returning year after year.

So I couldn’t get in.. I will just have to do the next best thing and host one myself!

And “Camp Sew Social” was born. I rented a huge log cabin house on the lake in Lake Norman, NC, just 20 minutes from my home and created a deluxe sewing retreat.