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Inside the costume exhibit at FIDM

FIDM is the design school I attended to get my training as a fashion designer. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I just loved school and always felt I was in my element. I have one regret, and it was that I did not go to the third year and that I did not know about costume design back then (in the 80’s!) I went into fashion design which was great and taught me so much, looking back I wish I had gone into costume design sooner. It is just so much more me. I’m not much into labels and dressing in designer clothes. I find building characters thru what they wear so much more fun, researching their back story, studying why they would wear certain styles and all. I love to people watch and investigate why one chooses to wear what they are wearing and how their wardrobe choices give a glimpse into who they are. I have been in costume design 21 years now and loving to do comedy films. I love to make people laugh and it’s so great when you can do that even through fashion!

FIDM’S Annual exhibit has opened! If you love movies and costumes this is the place for you. You will need a few hours to completely take it in. The exhibit has the costumes from last year’s movies with a wide variety of styles including period costumes, fantasy, superhero, futuristic as well as everyday wear. This is an amazing exhibit that celebrates our talented costume designers who bring their talent to a script to tell the story of the characters through their outer clothing.

And you must check out the side room that has displays of actual pieces of costume history from the Royal court days of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The event opened with a swanky party that I have missed for the past few years because it is a few weeks before the CDG Awards that I also love to go to. At least I can still go to the museum to see it when I am in town. A must stop for me when I am in LA.

This year the exhibit has so many great movies displayed. One I just can’t wait to see is Mary Poppins. Sandy Powell is nominated for an Oscar for it. The pieces she did in the circus scene are amazing. Are they painted on or what? I plan on bringing a long stick so I can poke at them. But then again, I will see her at the Guild awards and ask her all about them!

The exhibit is opened thru April 12, 2019, Tues-Sat 10-5pm and free admission.

Be sure to see the video for a tour and sneek peek into the exhibit.

If costumes and fashion are your passion, check out my new online classes all about succeeding in your fashion career!

FIDM's Art of the Motion Picture exhibit. See costumes from your favorite movies! Close ups and group views of the incredible costumes plus video clips of the designers. This event happens every year in Los Angeles Feb thru April. A must see if you are in town. Costume is an Art!

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1 Comment

Karli Rastetter
Karli Rastetter
Mar 10, 2019

Thank you for the sneak peak! It’s so fascinating to see all the different styles and techniques next to each other outside of the film. I think it allows you to appreciate them so much more. I can’t get over the painted costumes!!!

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