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What do you enjoy most about sewing?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I recently sent out a survey to my fashion sewing students to get a sense of what my students were looking for in their sewing classes.

I had simple questions like “What skill level are you at”? “How often do you sew”? “What do you find most challenging”?

It was my last question “What do you enjoy most about sewing” that I was really surprised with. I thought I would get simple 1-word answers but got so much more!

Here is what surprised me in this survey. I did get some simple answers, but not the ones I was expecting, which pleasantly surprised me 😊

The question: "What do you enjoy most about sewing"?

*It's Peaceful


*Peaceful (I got peaceful twice 😊)

*The creativity

*It is relaxing

So glad to see these words. This is how I feel when I allow myself some time. I love how time goes by so fast when I am sewing, I believe that means you are in your bliss zone. Enjoying the process and lost in your thoughts, giving your brain a little distraction and time away from it all.

Other positive statements I loved seeing

*It is handmade

*Being able to say, “I made that!”

*Having a garment no one else has

*Being able to make unique outfits and items

*Being creative and creating something

*Using the sewing machine and how good it feels when I am finished, knowing I made something.

This next answer is probably one of my top reasons:

*Being able to customize to what I like – when you make your own garments you have the option of changing the design by adding or removing details like pockets, trims… ex: If you love making corsets, you can design them any way you like, so many options...

If you want a skirt pattern but want it longer – no problem, just add your length. You cannot do that when you purchase a skirt.

If you love a shirt pattern but would prefer it with pockets or maybe longer sleeves, you can change it :)

You have options and that makes sewing your own garments so much more rewarding!

This answer is another top reason why I love to sew.

Taking pieces of different items and creating something new and unique. This is so much fun, I even created my YouTube channel around it. It is called Up-cycling!

Up-cycling is so much fun and provides a great challenge. To see how you can change a garment into something else, using your engineering skills and figuring out a puzzle. Using your brain -and sometimes you get a huge reward if it turns out right!

I like to do challenges with my students, and see what each of us comes up with.

This one was fun, I had bought multiple pairs of camo culottes and this is what we came up with!

check out more of our video's!

This answer was great too:

Making something and not buying something made outside the US. Getting back to quality. Staying out of throw-away fashion and wastefulness. With all the things going on now-a days I am so glad I have sewing skills. I can update and alter garments to fit and change and stop buying wasteful fashion that is made in mass production. I think I like going back to having a few good pieces rather than a lot of throwaway garments. This is how the ladies in the 40’s were, that’s why you see so many unique details on the 1940’s clothes. They couldn’t buy new so they up-cycled.

I love these answers too:

The creation of it all. Sounds like enjoyment in the planning stages. The design, prep, shopping, and anticipation of seeing the garment in your mind and then creating it.

Making something with my hands! – Ya! What a great feeling. It is getting less and less it seems these days that people are taking the time to work with their hands and create tangible art. And it feels so gratifying when you do.

Making something important – This is how I felt when I made wedding gowns long ago. I lost count of how many I had made but I am guessing in the 50-75 range. So great to design a dress for someone’s important day. Even mine! This is me and Kallie- one of my star students who is now in design school and working in NYC fashion district!

The feeling of accomplishment when I finished a project – this and a few other responses really focused on the feeling of accomplishment, the proud feeling you get when you complete a garment. That feeling is just the best! Then it is in your closet and you get that feeling back every time you see it. 😊

And I loved the responses about what some of us love to shop for most… fabrics.

The love of fabrics. And… Buying fabrics, I just love when I find a beautiful piece of fabric - I know that feeling! You know how some people like to buy little trinkets, dolls, beanie babies, and things. Well some of us just love fabric and appreciate the craftsmanship and art that goes into a beautiful piece of fabric. My new favorite is Supima cotton, it is a simple easy to sew woven that is soft and glossy with a beautiful feel and drape. Ahhhh. And Joann’s even sells it!

If you are in the beginning stages of sewing and struggling a bit. Stick with it, it does start to go smoother and get easier. And when it does, you too will be having these sewing bliss feelings! So stick with it!

It was great to see all the positive words and feelings that my students have from their sewing endeavor’s. So glad I sent out that survey! And thank you all for your positive uplifting responses!

Hope to see you in sewing class!

I would love to hear your comments on what you enjoy about sewing!


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Sofia L
Sofia L
Aug 18, 2021

Lovely bblog you have here

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