How to find time to sew!

The number one thing I hear at my studio is… “I have no time to sew... I want to make it; I can see it… but…”

Arghhh… I say it too, and it is so true! But then, how do we get anything done that we want to do? We make it a priority, give it a letter on our to do list, A – B – C…. So then, how can I squeeze this “want to” into my day?

I have a philosophy I have been practicing for about a year now to help me get my goals achieved, I call it… Every Day Effort. I have the words posted all over my office. I even drafted a cool chart that I post above my light switch and check off every day to keep me on track with my goals.

Every Day effort chart. keeping track of your daily progress

Let me know if you’d like a chart, I can email a copy to you!

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