The Fashion Industry's Lingo

I started working in the LA garment district while in design school. What a great experience. I learned a lot just by observing, being able to see how the design team works together is the best training an aspiring designer could have.

Design school was giving me the tools and techniques, but I really had to be immersed in it to understand the process. One of the things I remember most during my observing opportunities was the unique lingo I heard.

Later working in the film industry as a costume designer I learned their lingo too. Every industry has their own unique lingo. Unique names, abbreviations and slangs to describe meetings, key forms and such.

So, one of the first things you have to learn when starting in a new industry is their Lingo! The quicker you learn it as a newbie the easier it will be to fit in.

In the fashion house, just about every day the design team would say something that would catch my attention. In the Costume Design arena as well. I would go to the production offices and they would say “you know. its on the day of days… oookay…)